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Students Clubs

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

Music is the language of soul. With a vision to nurture the talent of Music in every student and provide a conducive environment for mutual learning, Octaves, the Music club of Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management was formed on 20th August 2019. The members of Octaves believe that each individual has something to offer and through mentorships, jams, competitions and events. They strive to polish skills, share knowledge and spread musical joy. Octaves is one of the most prestigious and popular clubs of the institute and has the responsibility of creating the sense of musical aura across the campus. The individuals from the club take part in different Intra and Inter institute occasions alongside facilitating different melodic exhibitions in the institute during different times of the year. Octaves is also taking up a detailed plan of musical workshops that cover all types of musical instruments and different genres of music. The Club is a major contributor to intra institute activities like Independence Day celebrations, Republic Day celebrations, cultural festival Drishti and other events. Octaves is a new addition to the SIOM family, but it has already taken a special place in everyone’s heart through all its events and musical nights. There are three major events of Octaves. The club plans to begin the academic year with “Staccato” during which the new recruits of the club are introduced. The second is “Crescendo” which is a part of the college’s flagship cultural event, Drishti. The last event of the club is “Interlude” which is the last performance of the year reserved majorly for the graduating year. With a vision of “Music for All”, Octaves pledges to create positive life-changing experiences for everyone within the club as well the entire SIOM family


  • Harshit Papola
  • Kaushik Nath
  • Manisha Bhat
  • Sanjana Kharate
  • Debarpita Roy
  • Rahul Nautiyal
  • Aditya Pawar
  • Chaitanya Zade
  • Haneesh Vara
  • Hanish Pillai
  • B V Sai Abhishek

Club contact details:

Abhyuday is the Literary and Arts Club that encourages people to speak their heart out and inspires audience through different forms of art. Vinay Tawani, Vikas Rawat, Aseem Sekhar and Gaurav Srivastav, from the 18-20 batch initiated the club.


  • Ajit Dhongade
  • Himani Nemade
  • Khyati Sonavane
  • Shalini Dutta
  • Sruthy S Menon
  • Uday Sakat
  • Zareen Shaikh

Club contact details:

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” - Martha Graham With this thought to express our hearts and souls, "SYNCHRONERS DANCE CLUB" was established by the students of SIOM and the generous support of management and staff. This initiated a platform, not just for the club members but also for all the students to learn different forms of dance. Our club encourages dance enthusiasts to follow their passion and have fun amidst the busy schedules


  • Open stages are conducted and a huge number of dance enthusiasts show up to groove on the beats of the on demand songs
  • Performing at various occasions such as Festivals, Cultural Events
  • Collaborating with entire batch for Drishti Dance Performances
  • Creating different dance style choreographies and sharing it across the social platforms

Faculty Coordinators: NA

Student Members: 2019-2021

  • Swapnali Gawali
  • Purnapama Guha
  • Meghna Penmatsa
  • Ramya Ramesh
  • Aditi Chauhan
  • Sushri Som

Contact Details:Mail us at

Pixels, the building blocks of an image. The photography club is an initiative from the 19-21 batch to nurture the passion for photography. The club provides a platform to learn photography and encourages beginners and experts to share their skills, creativity and ideas in capturing images. The club is driven by 6 members who are extremely passionate about photography and believe in sharing the knowledge with others.

The club holds regular discussions, workshops and photo-walks in Nashik. The club is actively involved in capturing events in the campus


  • Guru Prasath
  • Harsha Vardhan
  • Ahana Chakraborthy
  • Uday Sakat
  • Priyam Naskar

Club contact details:

Invesh, the Finance Club of SIOM is on a mission to facilitate the creation and transfer of knowledge on finance and economics through peer-to-peer learning. It aims to enable SIOM's stakeholders to make better decisions when it comes to matters of managing personal finance. The club will actively engage students through 4 broad modes.

Nivesh - Learning sessions by students on pre-defined topic to build financial literacy.

Adda - Arena for people to have enriching dialogues, debates and discussions around market specific events.

Bullseye - Peer to peer competitions on stock market investment and portfolio management.

Converge - Workshops and conferences with industry stalwarts for students to gain insights from their expertise.


  • Vishwam Kabra
  • Vibhav Singh
  • Satyadoi Bhaduria
  • Hrishikesh Palande
  • Joel John
  • Siddhartha Sanniti

Club contact details:

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