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Student Speak

Kaushal Buch MBA '21, Placed at EY India

Having worked in the core manufacturing domain for about 3.5 years, an MBA in operations management was the perfect ascend for me to elevate my career to a new high. The fact that SIOM offers a niche course in the field of operations management made it the perfect choice. My 2 year journey in SIOM has been nothing but exhilarating. Industry exposure, classroom discussions, cultural and sports events and social work drives are a few of the many opportunities at SIOM that helped me groom my personality 360 degrees.

The dynamic and industry geared curriculum is a perfect blend of theory and practice with courses related to various ERP modules, simulation and project based learning courses. As a part of the project based learning course in our curriculum, I got the opportunity to intern at Siemens where I got the exposure to various analytical approaches of solving industry problems.

Being involved in the flagship events of SIOM, I got plenty of opportunities to expand my networking capabilities by connecting with industry leaders thus expanding my corporate network. SIOM gave me an exciting platform for peer-to-peer learning through engagements and interactions with other students through cultural events, committee activities and social work drive in Nashik.

An industry focussed curriculum, excellent peer learning platform, insightful and engaging lectures, plethora of workshops related to the field of operations, and multitude of extra-curricular activities at SIOM helped me not only broaden my knowledge on the current market trends but also enhanced my personality, which helped me bag a full time employment offer with EY India.

I dedicate my success to the peers and faculties who were really supportive throughout the exciting journey at SIOM. A proud SIOMite!

Syed Sufiya MBA '21, Placed at General Mills

My SIOM experience was fantastic and a memory to treasure for a lifetime. I chose to pursue an MBA in Operations Management from SIOM after 2.5 years of working experience in Supply Chain and Logistics Industry, with an aim to accelerate my professional career. SIOM undoubtedly was my first choice since it has always been recognised as one of the leading premier institutes for Operations Management, distinguished by its industry-oriented curriculum and leading operations excellence. The curriculum designed is in line with industry requirements and exhibits a fine balance between theory and implementation. Courses like Capstone business simulation, Six Sigma black belt projects and Research Paper publication helped me get an exposure of the practical industrial aspects.

In addition to this, SIOM provided me with comprehensive networking opportunities and peer interactions via proactive participation in clubs, committees, corporate activities, guest lectures, live projects, summer internships, alumni interaction and flagship events. I learned a great deal about contributing towards the welfare of society by being part of SPANDAN committee, the Social Service wing of SIOM.

Even during the most uncertain and turbulent pandemic times SIOM helped me expand my horizons, and established the foundations for success in my career by leveraging technology and providing virtual assistance as a result of which, I successfully bagged the Summer Internship Project and Pre-Placement offer by the FMCG Giant General Mills.

I appreciate my entire SIOM family who guided, shaped and helped me pave the way towards achieving my goals and evolve as an empathetic leader.

Once a SIOMite, always a SIOMite!!

Pallav Kumar MBA '21,Placed at STL (Sterlite Technologies Limited)

“The verve of learning something new has always played a vital role in shaping our vision.” Life at SIOM has been a roller-coaster ride right from the beginning both in terms of the rigorous curriculum it has and the industry exposure it provides. SIOM is extensively recognized as one of the finest institutions for Operations Management, appreciated for its Industry intended curriculum and academic excellence. The curriculum is outlined very strategically which create an equilibrium between theory and application. Capstone simulation is one such instance where we virtually experienced how to run an organization by making various strategic decisions.

The MBA in Operations Management from SIOM is very eccentric and exceptional, and the learnings that I had from this program through lectures, case discussions, simulations and group projects helped me abundantly in bagging the summer internship at STL (Sterlite Technologies Limited).

The internship tenure is our first reality check that decides our potential to learn new skills, make collective decisions with a team and build strong contacts with industry leaders in the corporate world. The three-month-long stint as an intern helped me understand the corporate environment in a more organized manner. During my internship @STL, I got opportunity to work on various aspects of supply chain and prepared live dashboard for the same. Blend of courses like Six Sigma Black Belt, Capstone Business Simulation, Tableau Workshop, Design Thinking, multiple case studies and presentations at SIOM helped me in handling diverse situations during my internship and eventually, securing the Pre-Placement Offer for the position of a Deputy Supply Chain Manager.

The credit of this strenuous but rewarding journey goes to both the peers as well as the faculty who guided us at every snag and cheered us at every triumph. As I am stepping into the next phase of my journey, I would like to sincerely thank SIOM for showing the light and imparting the knowledge and skills required to accomplish higher goals in future. Cheers! A Proud SIOMite.

Pratik Kothari MBA’21, Placed at o9 Solutions

Every new beginning is preceded by an end of the old chapter. The transition, undoubtedly, is intriguing as it brings up the new challenges and uncertainties. Being in a stable job with a renowned manufacturing firm, it was a bold move for me to pursue higher education. But this, by far, has been one of the best decisions of my life in terms of career. The two years at SIOM not only gave me enormous opportunities to leverage my existing knowledge and potential but it also made me push my intellectual boundaries and explore the unexplored. The industry driven curriculum, guest lectures, simulations and hands-on learning on several analytics tools along with the opportunities to participate in various competitions helped me groom my skills in turn bagging a final placement offer from o9 Solutions

MBA in operations management is not only about the streamlining the operations but it teaches you to the best way to do stuff be it in manufacturing or your personal life. The tendency to do more promulgated in me thanks to the academic rigor. Understanding and bridging the gaps between various domains to make the most of the resources has been the biggest takeaway for me over the period two years. Peer learning with country’s brightest minds, complex problem solving and the group dynamics are something we usually learn in our work-life. This course at SIOM provided me the environment to learn and get better in the same. Being in Placement committee helped me a lot in making complex decisions, developing my social skills and more responsible which I think are the fundamentals for a good leader.

I extend my heartiest gratitude towards the faculties, all my peers and entire SIOM fraternity for making my journey substantial and uplifting my knowledge as well interpersonal quotient. I look forward to begin the new chapter of my professional life with the precious memories and wonderful experience at SIOM. It’s an honour to carry the badge of an SIOMite forever. Cheers!

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