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Aishwarya Bakchi Batch 21-23, Placed at Microsoft

Life at SIOM has been an enriching and transformative journey that has exceeded my expectations. The curriculum, faculty, and overall learning environment have contributed significantly to my professional growth. The MBA program at SIOM provided a comprehensive and contemporary curriculum, equipping me with a solid foundation in business strategy, leadership, and critical thinking. The faculty members, comprised of industry experts and seasoned academics, brought real-world insights into the classroom, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Also, being a part of the SIOM Student Consulting Committee gave me an extra edge to develop the soft skills needed in the industry and the consulting mindset. The emphasis on experiential learning through case studies, group projects, and internships allowed me to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios, enhancing my problem-solving skills and business acumen. I got an opportunity to work on the tech product-based company Microsoft, dealing with multiple products and their overall growth.

The comprehensive understanding of service operations helped me quickly pick real-world business scenarios and resolve them daily. Moreover, the collaborative and supportive community at SIOM facilitated networking opportunities and peer learning. The strong emphasis on soft skills and leadership development has shaped my interpersonal and managerial capabilities. In short, my time at SIOM has prepared me for the complexities of the business world. I am grateful for the invaluable lessons, lifelong connections, and holistic education that will undoubtedly contribute to my success in the professional arena.

Aishwarya Bakchi

Akshita Manwati Batch 21-23, Placed at Mckinsey

"Embarking on the transformative MBA journey at SIOM was the strategic pivot that unleashed the untapped potential within my three-year stint in manufacturing. The program's distinctive specialization and my dynamic two-year immersion have composed a symphony of excitement and satisfaction, paving an upward trajectory in my career. SIOM's thoughtfully curated curriculum strikes a harmonious balance between theoretical depth and hands-on application, providing priceless exposure to the intricate dimensions of the industrial landscape. SIOM facilitated enormous opportunities along with the sheer comfort of peer-based learning. The faculties and curriculum did play a significant role in acclimating the business perspective of operations management.

From engaging in Capstone simulations to spearheading Six Sigma projects and diving deep into industry case studies to fueling the summer with an internship at Deloitte, each endeavour fueled my professional ascent and shaped a holistic journey of personal development. This academic rigour instilled a tireless drive within me, emphasizing the skill to bridge gaps across diverse domains and optimize resource utilization. Actively contributing to the Placement committee further honed my decision-making and networking skills, fostering a profound sense of responsibility. All the learnings curated down the lane turned out to be whimsical, with bagging the full-time opportunity at McKinsey.

Heartfelt gratitude goes to the SIOM family for being the unwavering compass guiding me towards realizing my goals."

Aishwarya Bakchi

Samarth Surve Batch 21-23, Placed at MTR

As an engineering student, learning about Operations felt like part and parcel of life, encouraging me to explore this side of the world more deeply. This encouragement was coupled with my inclination towards business management. The niche and dynamic offering of an MBA in Operations Management at SIOM, Nashik, appeared as the automatic choice to fuel my aspirations of being in the ever-exciting Operations and supply chain management world.

Being someone with no prior industrial experience felt worrisome initially, but enrolling in SIOM was a transformative experience for me. The diverse curriculum, catering to the industry needs, helped me gain the required confidence, and significant exposure to simulations, case studies, live projects and the Six Sigma certification programme helped me get accustomed to the nitty gritty involved in this domain. Working as a placements coordinator was a cherry on the cake as it helped me network with industry stalwarts, enhance my communication, maintain my composure in crunch situations, and improve my decision-making skills.

SIOM and its vibrant campus community enriched my academic journey and shaped me into a well-rounded individual. All this helped me land a summer internship at General Mills in the Supply Chain Analytics domain and secure a full-time employment opportunity at MTR Foods Private Limited (Orkla India) as a part of its coveted leadership development program, where I have an opportunity to work on multiple projects across logistics, planning, procurement and process improvement ever since I have joined in July 2023. Forever Grateful.

Once a SIOM-ite, always a SIOM-ite.

Aishwarya Bakchi

Ankesh Singh Batch 22-24, Accenture Strategy & Consulting (PPO)

"You give me some data, and I will tell you a story."

The dream of becoming a consultant and offering data-driven solutions, entangling all the operational constraints, landed me at SIOM, Nashik. The journey so far in this beautiful space has been phenomenal. Being an engineer and learning operations management has given me the right wings to fly HIGH!

During my summer internship at Accenture Strategy & Consulting, I joined as an intern in the role of a Data Science Analyst, unravelling insights and solving complex problems within the travel industry. Working under industry leaders and crushing minds to make the best possible strategy was a daily routine. Reading data, generating insights, and developing machine-learning models were a part of the voyage. My participation in the program has resulted in a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) from Accenture Strategy & Consulting for the "Accenture Summer Internship Program 2023", affirming my commitment to excellence and adaptability in the dynamic professional landscape.

SIOM's academic rigour and thoughtfully crafted curriculum have been the bedrock of my success, complemented by an impeccable placement assistance and mentorship program. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunities SIOM has provided, paving the way for a promising career in consulting. As I embark on this exciting journey, I carry the transformative power of education, a testament to the boundless possibilities when passion meets knowledge. I look forward to making meaningful contributions in the consulting realm, leveraging my technical acumen and strategic mindset to leave an indelible mark.

The best is yet to come.

Aishwarya Bakchi

Debadarshini Hota Batch 22-24, Fidelity Investments (PPO)

"In the pursuit of knowledge, the journey itself is the greatest reward."

I stand by the above quote, and being part of SIOM has served this purpose. Having garnered experience in various ERP modules, pursuing an MBA in Operations Management was the logical next step in my educational journey. The distinction of being a national finalist in the Flipkart Vidyarthini case study competition enriched my knowledge and honed my analytical approaches. This exposure has empowered me to articulate responses in a structured manner, enhancing my versatility across diverse industries.

My inclination toward the BFSI sector, stemming from significant experience in the SAP Finance module, led me to pursue an internship at Fidelity. I delved into market analysis at Fidelity, gaining a comprehensive business overview. My role involved deep dives into market trends, fostering data-driven decision-making and enhancing my skills in data representation. The wealth of learning acquired during this journey has transformed me into an individual with heightened structural thinking and a more logical approach.

My keen interest in data and its representation has resulted in a Pre-placement Offer (PPO) from Fidelity Investments. SIOM's holistic approach to education, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application and fostering industry connections, has prepared me for success and securing a pre-placement offer. It is a premier institution for Operations Management, revered for its industry-centric curriculum and academic brilliance. Reflecting on this transformative experience, I emerge as a changed individual, armed with invaluable insights and poised for future challenges.

Debadarshini Hota

Yogiraj Borse Batch 22-24, Pidilite Industries (PPO)

"Demand planning: Crafting tomorrow's needs with today's foresight"

In my three-year stint in the core manufacturing sector, pursuing an MBA in operations management at SIOM catalysed a significant career elevation. Opting for SIOM was a natural choice, given its specialized course offerings in operations management. The two-year journey at SIOM has been nothing short of thrilling, encompassing industry exposure, vibrant classroom discussions, cultural and sports events, and impactful social work initiatives that contributed to holistic personal development.

The curriculum at SIOM stands out for its dynamic and industry-oriented approach, seamlessly integrating theory and practical models. Engagements in cultural events, committee activities, and social work initiatives in Nashik further enriched my peer-to-peer learning experience. The industry-focused curriculum, insightful lectures, and numerous workshops broadened my knowledge of current market trends and played a crucial role in shaping my personality.

The summer internship at Pidilite Industries Limited further nourished the functional aspect of my understanding towards manufacturing industries. I interned with the profile in demand planning, where I addressed forecast accuracy improvement for the adhesive portfolio, offering invaluable exposure to analytical problem-solving in an industrial setting. This well-rounded development ultimately secured a pre-placement offer with Pidilite Industries Limited. My success is a testament to the unwavering support of peers and faculty throughout this exhilarating journey at SIOM. I take pride in being a SIOMite!

Yogiraj Borse

Emmanuel Vaz Batch 23-25, Incoming intern at Jubilant Foodworks

"Education opens the door; skills make the entrance grand. An MBA imparts knowledge and hones the skills necessary to stride confidently through the corridors of success."

Joining SIOM has turned out to be a turning point in my academic journey, driven by the aspiration to integrate my engineering background with the nuances of Operations Management. SIOM's practical curriculum provided me with a robust theoretical foundation and enhanced my analytical and problem-solving skills. As I eagerly anticipate my upcoming summer internship at Jubilant Foodworks, a prominent player in QSR Chain Management, I am enthusiastic about applying the insights gained at SIOM to real-world scenarios.

The confidence to embark on this journey is a testament to SIOM's commitment to academic excellence and strong placement support. I sincerely thank SIOM for shaping my educational trajectory and providing the tools to navigate the professional landscape. This experience and SIOM's unwavering commitment to excellence positions me to make meaningful contributions in the Operations Management domain. I look forward to the harmonious integration of academic insights and practical applications as I embark on this exciting chapter of my summer internship at Jubilant Foodworks.

Emmanuel Vaz

Kritika Singh Batch 23-25, Incoming intern at Atomberg

"Education is the compass; skills are the map. An MBA combines the two, guiding you through the intricate landscapes of business with knowledge and practical prowess."

Fascinated by the intricacies of Operations and Supply Chain Management, the blend of academia and industry exposure at SIOM has been phenomenal. My journey at SIOM seamlessly fulfilled my longstanding eagerness to work in manufacturing, leading me to explore the untapped thoughts in my mind. Armed with a diverse skill set that combines technical acumen and a strategic mindset, I'm poised to make a significant impact in the manufacturing realm.

The convergence of passion and knowledge has limitless potential, and I eagerly anticipate leaving a lasting imprint in both Operations and Supply Chain Management. My heartfelt gratitude extends to SIOM for shaping my educational path and providing the essential tools to navigate the professional landscape.

Peer-based learning at SIOM has been a cornerstone of my MBA experience, offering insights and perspectives that enrich my understanding. This collaborative learning approach and SIOM’s commitment to excellence uniquely equip me to contribute substantially to Operations Management. As I embark on the upcoming summer internship at Atomberg, I am enthusiastic about seamlessly integrating academic knowledge with practical applications, propelling my career and the industry forward.

Kritika Singh

Anshul Bharadwaj Batch 23-25, Incoming intern at Signify

"In the tapestry of career progression, education weaves the threads, and skills add the texture. An MBA ensures a rich, well-woven fabric that stands the test of professional time."

SIOM has upped my game when it comes to Supply Chain Management. The challenging curriculum and the industry veterans who teach it have given me a solid grasp of the fundamental SCM principles and best practices. Plus, the interactive learning environment and supportive faculty have created a space where I've blossomed, gaining the confidence to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world situations. The placement and learning opportunities have even landed me a summer internship at Signify, a big player in the industry!

I'm super excited to dive in and get some hands-on experience in different areas of Supply Chain Management, like process optimization, lean implementation, and data analysis. I can't wait to work alongside industry professionals and contribute meaningfully to impactful projects that will take my understanding of this dynamic field to the next level. If you're passionate about supply chain management and want to level up your game, Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management will be the right place for you. The academic rigour, industry connections, and supportive environment are unparalleled. It's been the perfect place to learn, build lasting friendships, and create unforgettable memories. SIOM has equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to thrive in my chosen field.

Anshul Bharadwaj
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