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As the saying goes, “Service to society is service to God!!” when an institution involves itself in serving society, some refer to it as “CSR,” others call it “Social service,” and in general terms, it is “helping others.” Whichever way one chooses to refer to it, Spandan strongly believes in “giving back to the society.” The importance of serving mankind is above and beyond any religion or caste because serving mankind is the most significant religion.

Though the pandemic struck hard, Spandan, as always, is determined towards its continuous service of the society. The challenges were many, but so were the opportunities, and our team took no time to replan and regroup and resumed its services with full fledge

As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, the whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. With so many children deprived of education due to a lack of resources and means, Spandan took the initiative to collaborate with NGOs and organizations in their CSRs to reach out to a larger set of beneficiaries. Supporting the SDG of “Quality Education”, we assist in projects like phone mentoring, face-to-face and virtual mentoring, where we teach students ranging from class 5 to aspirants of competitive exams. Spandan has also taken the initiative to extend students' expertise in operations and supply chain management to assist NGOs in streamlining their supply chains.

The transgender community is prone to severe maltreatment experiences like neglect; exposure to domestic violence; intensive, painful medical conditions; and physical and sexual abuse. They face rejection and distress right from adolescence and need supportive space during different stages of their lives. This droves us to work on SDGs like “Reduced Inequalities” and “Gender Equality” to create a beneficial societal impact. We volunteered in projects in collaboration with respective NGOs to support activities which included HIV awareness, family counselling, education, etc., to uplift the trans community.

The pandemic compelled us to be more proactive in serving the needy and spreading awareness of the severity. Taking up projects that include doctors and medicos around India with government initiatives helped us reach remote areas to have regular updates of the patients and the vaccination status.

Spandan also carried out activities like donation drive (to National Association for the Blinds), visit Old-Age home (as a part of Christmas celebration), and gave our volunteers freedom to conduct any social activity as per their creativity.

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Spandan team members:

Spandan Committee Dr Ratna Paluri, Asso.Professor, Chairperson 
  Mrs. Supriya Deoghare, Staff Representative, Member
  Mrs. Anupama Tuli, Staff Representative, Member
  Mr. Lalit Sandhanshiv,Staff Representative, Member
MBA 21-23 Anshuman Choudhary, Student Representative
  Joshi Prasad Chandrakant, Student Representative
  Keyur Sunil Tandel, Student Representative
  Lamkhade Hemant Balasaheb, Student Representative
  Mustafa Rokeriya, Student Representative
  Niladri Hore, Student Representative
  Aishwarya Prashant Kohad, Student Representative
  Apurva Bhadreshbhai Madia, Student Representative
  Kalekar Neeraj Sanjay , Student Representative
  Saoni Ghosh , Student Representative    
MBA 20-22 Ayushee Goel, Student Representative
  Bhatt Dhruv Narendra, Student Representative
  Kedar Omkar Popat,Student Representative
  Pawar Prathmesh Vasant, Student Representative
  Shivam Kumar,Student Representative
  Sushri Som, Student Representative
  Abhijith S Nair, Student Representative
   B V Sai Abhishek, Student Representative
  Gavali Aniket Rajaram,  Student Representative
  Wagh Sagar Dilip,  Student Representative

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