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The join towards social change is the biggest remedy to social melancholy. Every month our students take it as a mission to induce the change in the destination assigned to them. The importance of serving mankind is above and beyond any religion or any caste, because serving mankind is the greatest religion of all. Students were split up into groups and each group had a destination of change, ranging from municipalities to small schools in remote locations of Amboli and Ware, similar such activities took place in the dialysis centre and tree plantation centres. In our college venue we had digital India Movement for creating digital awareness amongst college staff. Teaching activities were also conducted in the girl’s school and Prabodhini workshop. Our activities connected us to the underprivileged and made us realise the omnipresence of everything around us.

Cognizance is the biggest education of all. Understanding the disparity in educational awareness and biasness against differently abled the Spandan committee drove forward educational programs in Morwari school, government school for girls, schools of Ambad, ware, MaiLele, Vikas Mandir and more. Intensive educational programs were driven forward by the students to test the learning and teachings brought to them. The children were also engaged by games and activities and each class sessions were joyful and interactive. This way a connection was built with them, and every month SIOM students go back to these schools for reliving this connection.

The need of preserving nature has become of paramount importance; this led some students of SIOM to engage in plantation drives by which the students engaged in intensive activities for planting seeds, saplings, under the guidance from experts. This step towards saving and protecting the nature has created a fruitful impact.

The digital India movement was created to inculcate a sense of digital awareness amongst people who were less privileged and have minimum access to technology. Also today the need for internet and knowledge of its uses are of paramount importance and hence understanding the most important daily uses of the internet would prove to be beneficial for people who have limited understanding of the internet. To create a holistic digitally aware environment, SIOM staff was educated on the various uses of the internet ranging from booking train/bus tickets to opening Gmail accounts and online shopping. In the end most of them were capable of doing so and enthusiastically practised the usage of net after the session deliverance.

At Nashik Dialysis support Foundation we helped them create a database on the long awaited and important information on the patient’s medical, operational and logistic constraints for dialysis treatment.

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Spandan team members:

Spandan Committee Dr Ratna Paluri, Asso.Professor, Chairperson 
  Mrs. Supriya Deoghare, Staff Representative, Member
  Mrs. Anupama Tuli, Staff Representative, Member
MBA 19-21 Disha Devram Gawade, Student Representative
  Syed Sufiya, Student Representative
  Puja Ganesh Chavan, Student Representative
  Rini C Joy, Student Representative
  Aditya Bhaskarrao Babar, Student Representative
  Omkar baban kad, Student Representative
  Sampada Shrimantrao Patil, Student Representative
  Akshay Narayan, Student Representative
  Girish Ranjan Mishra , Student Representative
  Sanit Kumar kundu, Student Representative    
MBA 20-22 Ayushee Goel, Student Representative
  Bhatt Dhruv Narendra, Student Representative
  Kedar Omkar Popat,Student Representative
  Pawar Prathmesh Vasant, Student Representative
  Shivam Kumar,Student Representative
  Sushri Som, Student Representative
  Abhijith S Nair, Student Representative
   B V Sai Abhishek, Student Representative
  Gavali Aniket Rajaram,  Student Representative
  Wagh Sagar Dilip,  Student Representative

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