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Student Committees at SIOM

A Committee is an organized group of people consisting of different stakeholders formed at the beginning of the year to conduct the major events during the academic sessions. There is a defined selection procedure for selecting different committee members depending on the objectives of the committee, student’s skills, inclination and commitment needs. The Director of the institute is sponsor and head of all the committees and faculty member along with the staff is responsible for overall functioning of the committee. Every stakeholder has a defined role to play throughout the academic year that reflects his/her key performance area.

Spandan Committee

Spandan is the social service wing at SIOM. The team aims at creating a positive impact on the community by undertaking activities where students can contribute their expertise. Successive batches have been taking up activities that keep the vision of Spandan going. The activities undertaken by the team so far include: empowering the underprivileged women to be financially self-sufficient by training them, clothes donation camps in the tribal areas, training the specially abled on enhancing their skills, teaching initiatives for children in the tribal areas, cause related awareness campaigns to name a few.

SIOM Students Consulting Club Committee

Consulting is a coveted career choice for many MBA aspirants and experienced professionals. A consulting career can be very demanding in terms of the sheer responsibility that the job entails, traveling and networking opportunities. To cope with the unpredictable paradigm shifts in Business Strategies & greater risk of disruptions in operations, the role of consultants and their valuable business insights becomes all the more vital. Over the years consulting in operations & supply chain domain has gained momentum, providing ample opportunities for students to use their skill set and flourish in this sector. SIOM Students Consulting Club committee takes inspiration from SIOM's Mission statement and thrives to be a “Centre of excellence in Consulting”. It is an initiative to help students at SIOM figure out what management consulting is all about, what it demands and has to offer, and also help them decide whether or not it is a career that they should pursue.

Communication and Public relation Committee

This committee is a composition of creative hearts and minds that have flair for designing and creative writing. The team adds value to each and every endeavor at SIOM through effective communication and expression. Students here get the lessons of designing, creative writing image building, publicizing and executing communication strategy for SIOM. The overall responsibility of the team is to plan and execute strategies for Brand Building of SIOM .Publication of bi annual newsletter “Chrysalis” is one of the main tasks of the committee. (Converted to Online since 2015)The committee has set a target of developing a Business magazine Sattv’,initially starting with publishing interviews and write ups of on -campus guests, gradually moving on incorporating articles and write-up from the industry at large. Articles & write-ups, events coverage and photographs, budgeting, specification, approval, printing, and distribution are the regular activities of the committee members.

IT Committee

The college IT committee is support committee for all IT requirements of the college. IT consists of 2 sub committees:

  • IT infrastructure committee.
  • Website committee.

The IT infrastructure committee is in charge of all the physical hardware (IT related) and its maintenance. The Wi-Fi, projector, Mics, classroom A/V facilities all comes under the purview of this committee. The website committee keeps updating the website of all the latest developments and activities of the college. This includes all the event updates, placement information, important papers published by students and faculty etc. the website committee is also in charge of regular maintenance of the Moodle for glitch free online tests.

Admissions Committee

This committee looks after Overall coordination, Communication, media plan and liaison between aspirants and the Institute. Understanding the admission process, create a process map for current practices, document all pre and post SNAP activities like improving Brand awareness, interaction with aspirants, mentorship, spread knowledge about Operations Management, Admission committee selection, roles and responsibilities and review method.

Placement Committee

SIOM Placement committee facilitates summer and Final placements of all students of MBA 2 year full time residential program except those admitted under Industry sponsored category. The main tasks of the committee are to establish excellent corporate relationship to share knowledge, provide them with human resources at the managerial level to meet their diversified business needs. Cater to the needs of both Manufacturing and Services sectors. Achieve 100% Final Placements with the profiles matching the ambition of the students. Obtain 100% Summer Internship Projects in the area of Operations and Communicate with the entire batch at appropriate intervals about the campus placement activities.

Alumni Committee

Alumni committee consists of a faculty guide and student coordinators. The committee establishes and maintains contacts with all SIOM alumni. They send greetings and congratulatory messages to all alumni on their achievements. The committee invites alumni for guest lectures and other events of SIOM. It conducts Alumni Meet in various cities. Seek alumni support for summer and final placements.

Guest Lecture Committee

The task of the committee is to bring conceptual knowledge, corporate experience and entrepreneurial attitude through intensive sessions and workshops by eminent speakers from both the corporate and academic world. It provides the platform for the exchange of ideas and opinions between the industry experts and the students. It helps in strengthening the ties between the existing students and the industry. Help students to gain an insight into the corporate world. To encourage students to get connected with Industry’s best practice through lecture series. It also promotes the presence of our Institute to Corporate World. It works with close coordination of Placement committee.

Cultural Committee

Cultural committee is the platform for cultural events, participation of inter B-School events for SIOM students. The committee aims at facilitating various cultural events and participation of SIOM students in inter B- School events and competitions. The events at SIOM include: SIOM Foundation day, Aarambh, Independence Day, Ganesh Chaturthi, Teachers’ Day, Navratri, Dussehra, Fun games and DJ Night, Christmas, Drishti, Republic day, Farewell – Addyant.

Library Committee

A fully automated modern Library & Information Center (LIC) caters to the ever growing and uncompromising information and intellectual requirements of the students and faculty. To ensure smooth functioning of this, a library committee is formed.The committee has the mission to ensure optimum access and delivery of information to students of SIOM .It also strives to acquire, organize and preserve the materials in all formats. The Library's mission is to provide comprehensive resources and services in support of the research, teaching, and learning needs of the College.

Hostel committee:

They say home is where the heart is and this is exactly what the members of this committee believe. The members of this committee look into the day to day hostel affairs and help to provide all the necessary amenities to ease the stay. They look into the hostel needs and are a link or a representative of the hostel building.

Mess Committee

A way to one’s heart is through the stomach and the mess committee aims to do just that. With students from different parts of the country living together under one roof, this committee aims at providing the dishes and a menu that satisfies the palette of all. .

Research Committee

The members of this committee encourage research and also provide a platform for students to publish their own research paper. They also conduct various workshops to help students to understand how to go about writing a research paper as well as solving live case studies..

Entrepreneurship cell

This is entirely a student driven cell which is tailor made for all the budding entrepreneurs. They run the college canteen, the coffee machine, the Laundromat as well as the washing machine. The members of this cell also encourage new ideas which can be implemented thereby giving a boost and a platform for students to try their hands in business and entrepreneurship.

Sports Committee

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The sports committee of SIOM consists of sports fanatics who play almost all the sports ranging from football to pool. They bring together sports fanatics like them and form teams to participate in various b-school sports competition. They also conduct intra college sports events and maintain the sports facilities provided by college. .

Pet Committee

A fully automated modern Library & Information Center (LIC) caters to the ever growing and uncompromising information and intSymbiosis has introduced a new way to help manage stress and that is by pet therapy! SIOM now houses two Labradors: krona and won. The students in this committee make sure that the Labradors are regularly given their vaccinations. They take them for walks and also assist the trainers in training them.

Health committee:

This committee looks after the well-being of all the students. They also conduct various blood-donation camps and assist students in case of any medical emergency too.

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