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Six Sigma Project

In a dynamic world of uncertain demand and corporate willingness to fulfill that demand with an efficient supply of products and services, firms are looking into and beyond to make their process and supply chain better.

Continuous Improvement became the key term which companies are implementing to stay ahead in this competition. Though there are several methodologies to improve. Six Sigma is one such approach that has taken one of the prominent places as a game changing tool.

Six Sigma methodology which was first introduced by Motorola in the late ’80s and explored by General Electrical in the mid '90s becomes the key to drive the desired results by reducing waste and improving efficiency. It is a continuous improvement methodology which offers structured problem-solving techniques to achieve break-through improvements by systematically identifying root causes and eliminating them using an integrated set of statistical tools, data, and disciplines.

For business, reaching the pinnacle of success is fostered not only by clear business strategies but also by helping to ensure that such strategies are effectively implemented. The Students of SIOM undertook all the projects diligently and have created a positive impact in their respective firms.

The batches had worked on unique projects with different companies, influencing industries like manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, education, hospitality, etc.

Six Sigma projects that were undertaken majorly focused on improvement in productivity and efficiency, increase utilization of raw materials and service level, reducing rejection rate and variability in processes, quality improvement with a holistic approach in the end to end processes, and yield improvement.

Students who have undergone this program in their early learning stages have acquired capabilities on fact-based decision making, data-driven problem solving to improve the quality of product and services.

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