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Programme Outcomes


Create operation managers & leaders who are proficient at improving an organization's operational performance in the manufacturing and service-related processes. Inspired by the motto of the institution.˜Empowering and leading excellence, engineers who step out of the SIOM portals and stride into the corporate world, prove to be prized assets for modern day organizations impacting the triple bottom lines of Profit, People & planet.


Deliver highly advanced and Industry relevant state-of-the-art industry aligned courses with balanced understanding of technical-analytical and organizational-behavioral aspects of the enterprise operations.


Fill in the void of operational competencies needed to successfully drive businesses through the complex dynamics of the global economies    by creating global leaders.


Create industry ready talent by fostering international certifications and high level of project based learning experience.


Demonstrate high proficiency in overall understanding of Business Integration to fuel operations excellence in other domains & in functional areas of Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Project and Information Technology.


In the spirit of Vasuadhaiv Kutumbakkam, demonstrate high level leadership with humane, inclusive. societal & sustainable values for industry excellence & community wellbeing.

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