1st April 2021

The 3rd edition of TEDxSIUNashik was held on 1st April. It was a Virtual TEDx Event hosted on Airmeet. The riveting theme for the event this year was 'Escape Room'. Like the previous year, even this year's event boasted an interesting lineup of speakers across different walks of life who brought their unique perspectives to the table.

The Director of Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Dr. Vandana Sonwaney welcomed the august gathering and set the tone for the event. The ever-changing socio-cultural scenario around us can be hard to navigate or even unpleasant at times. These are times when one feels their voice is not loud enough in his/her own life choices or when one feels locked up in a system charted by others.

This year’s theme, Escape Room, represents a gateway to a better world, better opportunities, and a better life. It embodies people who have clawed their way out of unkind and harsh situations by using everything that is accessible to them. They worked hard day in and day out to improve their situation and opened doors for others to do the same. Be it a technological innovation or a voice raised against the wrong, an example one set, a monotony one broke, an act that inspired others, a lead one took standing for a team or a section of society, and many more. It could be a story of an extraordinary ‘escape’ that happened in one's ordinary life. These stories can inspire more and more stories to happen and make the world a better place.

The mission of TEDxSIUNashik 2021 was to broaden our horizons to garner actionable insights on how people stayed resilient during those times, unclasped those chains, and broke free.

The event went international this time with the presence of Dr. David Gallo in the lineup of speakers. He is an American Oceanographer, Explorer, and a TED All-Star Speaker. He delivered his talk on the subtheme A Passion for Exploration. A recipient of Padma Shri fondly called The Plastic Man of India, Dr. R. Vasudevan enlightened the audience on how Plastic is an unsung hero. Col. (Dr.) D.P.K. Pillay, a Shaurya Chakra war wounded and decorated veteran enthralled the audience with his talk on Escape from the cycle of violence. Known for high-impact journalism, Mr. Rifat Jawaid, the Founder of Janta ka Reporter, delivered his TED talk on the subtheme - The Newsroom in our pockets. Ms. Megha Jose, Founder of the People Pawsome Project, helped the audience escape into a pawsome world with her talk. Social Entrepreneur Mr. Apurv Misal, who is the Founding Member and Head of Marketing & Sales at, delivered his talk on escaping conformity through social impact with PHOOL. Idukki’s very own Fruit King, Mr. Eldho Pachilakkadan talked about escaping Human Crisis by understanding Human Evolution.

Dr. Aasha Sharma, Faculty Convenor, drew curtains to the event with the Vote of Thanks, expressing gratitude to speakers, delegates, sponsors, and the team led by Mr. Ganesh R, Convenor and Ms. Nidhi Shetty, Co-Convenor, that relentlessly worked for days and nights to present an event of this scale.

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