Tattv 2023

Academic Year 2022 – 2023

The past years have witnessed bizarre revamps. The continuous transformative changes across the supply chain network have bought possibilities to mitigate the risk of any uncertainty.

Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management on 7th January 2023 held Tattv and introduced PRAVAAH: Cascading through perpetual challenges as the theme of Tattv 2023. We looked forward to the minds who mitigated the threat of operational disruption and laid initiatives to bring change to their existing processes. At Tattv 2023, we aimed to transform through our subthemes that embrace the existence of resilience, Integrity and sustainability. We were excited to nourish the need for digital transformations on the wheels of the economy. We aimed to hover the last-mile delivery area within the core operational values: volume, variety, variation and visibility.

Link : https://www.tattv.siom.in/

Caution Notice