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MBA -(Agri -Operations Management)- PEOs (Programme Educational Objectives)


SIOM with its B2B styled education aims to augment professional careers of MBA (AOM) students by building capabilities in Agri SCM, Agri tech and Agri entrepreneurship, to occupy roles in Logistics, Warehousing& distribution, Manufacturing, Consulting, E commerce so that they become leaders who are proficient at improving an organization's operational performance. They will impact the Agri sector by fueling cost reduction and productive efficiencies in related process.


Inspired by the motto of the institution 'Empowering and leading Operations excellence' , future leaders who step out of the SIOM portals and stride into the corporate world, will prove to be prized assets for modern day organizations impacting the triple bottom lines of Profit, People & Planet. Driven by desire to contribute to society they will demonstrate their operations excellence skills for community benefit at large hence impacting the society.


Students of MBA (AOM) will be better thinkers, better communicators, better leaders, better humans and demonstrate their thought process and behavior.

POs / PSOs

POs / PSOs (Programme Outcomes/ Programme Specific Outcomes)


To apply knowledge of Agri Operations Management with special reference to key processes i like SCM, Marketing, Finance, Projects, ITSM, HR to manage the Agri processes efficiently.


Demonstrate in-depth strategic understanding of Agri - operations systems, their components.


To analyse the complex operational challenges of rapidly growing and diverse agriculture and allied sectors, , by acquiring managerial skills.


To solve Operational issues in Agri SCM and recommend tools & solutions by acquiring technical skills for practicing profitable & sustainable management of Agri activities.


In the spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakkam, demonstrate high level leadership with humane, inclusive , ethical, societal & sustainable values for industry excellence & community well being.

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