2nd Edition Of TEDxSIUNashik


The 2nd edition of TEDxSIUNashik was held on 1st March at Kalidas Kalamandir, Nashik. The riveting title theme for the event this year was 'Caveats of Unseen'. Like the previous year, even this year's event boasted of an interesting lineup of speakers across different walks of life who brought their unique perspectives to the table.

The Director of Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Dr. Vandana Sonwaney welcomed the august gathering and set the tone for the event.

The event started on an interesting note with the first speaker, Mr. Pankaj Mittal, COO - Aurigraph who spoke on how communities will manage technologies of the future. He left the audience thinking with his take on a world of big data without privacy. Mr. S.V Krishnan, Co-Founder, Dialogue in the Dark in his power-packed address talked about how the concept of dark brought him into the light. He also said, specially challenged people are not disabled but Differently Abled. They don't need sympathy but an opportunity. Event’s third speaker was Mr. Sunil Khandbahale, Founder & CEO of He quoted, every lock has its key, every language has its own unique identity but what's unseen is after every two weeks, one language dies. Ms. Manjari Chaturvedi, Classical Dancer, Director and a Choreographer was the 4th Speaker of the day. She graced the dais with her elegant dance and delivered a strong message on not to judge art by gender in her address.

The second half of the event kicked off with Mr. Ritesh Bhatia’s talk on how privacy has become extinct like Dinosaurs and how one has to make a shift to Cybersecurity and Privacy by Design & Default. He is a Mumbai based Cybercrime investigator and also the founder of V4WEBSECURITY. “Take action without expectation and result”, is better said than done. But Ms. Sumaira Abdulali is a woman of both words and actions. Ms. Sumaira, Convenor, Awaaz Foundation spoke extensively on inculcating Perseverance in the face of Adversity and how she was able to make a change to the causes she is supporting for. Mr. Vithal Nadkarni, Consulting Columnist, Writer & VP of The Asiatic Society of Mumbai, was the 3rd speaker of the session. His take on how reasons become crippled without emotions and how Unqualified Self-Acceptance (USA) can tackle the Caveats of Unseen left a lasting impact with the audience. We are a function of our history. Being an entrepreneur you need to leave everything aside to follow our vision. Healthcare can be heavy, but it's about how you own it. These were some of the many statements which awed the audience by the last speaker of the event, Ms. Seema Avasarala, COO & Co-Founder, OyeHelp Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Aasha Sharma, Faculty Convenor delivered the closing address. Mr. Rahul Rawat, Organizer along with Ms. Nimisha Kapadia, Co-Organizer, drew curtains to the event with the vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to speakers, delegates, sponsors and the team that relentlessly worked for days and nights to present an event of this scale.

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