Business-Cultural event held at SIOM, Nashik


Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management conducted Drishti 2018, the latest edition of their annual business-cultural fest on the 8th and 9th of December 2018. The auspicious event, for its inaugural ceremony, was honored by the presence of Dr. Ravinder Kumar Singal, the honorable Police commissioner, Nashik. Dr. Singhal, who was recently awarded status of IRON MAN, in his inspiring speech, conveyed the importance of continuous learning. He message “When mind says, body listens” reinforced by his own experience was sheer motivation. His belief that good leaders create more leaders was certainly a learning to everyone present in the audience. Following his instigating address to the audience, Dr. Adil Malia, Ex-CEO of Essar Group, Guest of honor for the event, moved everyone with his stimulating speech and incredible poetry. He stressed the importance of being adaptive to the changing environment. Dr. Adil cajoled public to be agile, innovative, a life-long learner. Students from top business schools in India like IITs, IIMs, MDI, NMIMS, K J Somaiya etc participated in various management events and competitions held as part of Drishti 2018. Performances by famous comedian Mr. Nishant Tanwar and a live performance by the Mumbai based band, Joshish kept the festive spirits up in the evenings.

Caution Notice