Employee engagement will lead to Employees who 'Say, Stay and Strive' for organisation's growth


In her interactive lecture at SIOM Ms. Jaya Chowdhury, HR at Datametica Solutions, stating importance of employee engagement said that employee engagement helps to connect with peers as well as superiors beyond job satisfaction.

she enlightened students about the type of employees in a company. Engaged, Not engaged and Disengaged.Engaged employees are passionate, motivated, happy to go an extra mile for organisation.Not engaged employees will do what asked to them but won't suggest or be part of organisation's growth or improvement.

Disengaged employees are unhappy about their job and turn out to be negative influence on others.If person is disengaged aligning their priorities with organisation's goals helps.

Young employees face health , personal and behavioral issues. During this phase organisation can help their employee. Immediate supervisor of such employee needs to be patient and show empathy.Building open communication channels, top management passionate about employees welfare, putting right talent to right projects, open recognition, helping seniors and peers, safety at workplace, flexibility in working hours/Location, options in choosing career path/projects could help to employee engagement.

Different ways to measuring emoloyee engagement is employee satisfaction surveys and one to one interactions. HR shouldn't shy away using cutting edge technologies to help organization perform better. AI for attrition prediction, Chatbots for quick information circulation and grievances management, NLP for intelligent surveys can be used.

Done right, employee engagement will lead to employees who 'Say, Stay and Strive' for organisation's growth

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