With an intent to extend learning to the corporate world to not only gain practical understanding and application but also contribute to scientific and analytical solutions to problems faced by the corporate in and around Nasik SIOM Students Consulting Committee (S2C2) came into existence. All these projects are handled by the SIOM Students Consulting Committee (S2C2), a committee of 11 students, under the supervision of faculty-in-charge, Director Dr. Vandana Sonwaney and Prof. Sachin Modgil.

Also, every year Consulting Conclave is organized in which some of the most prominent leaders of consulting world visit SIOM and share their views related to consulting domain. Consulting Conclave’18 was organized on Saturday, 25th August, where in Ms. Sharada Rao, CEO of Blackbuck Engineers Pvt. Ltd.; Mr. Abhijit Deshpande, Senior partner at VCT Consulting; Mr. Ashutosh Topey, Director in Hitachi Consulting; Mr. Chandrashekhar Chaudhary, the principal consultant at Goldratt Consulting and Dr. Shrikant Kamat, partner at BDO India LLP provided insights to students on various aspects of the theme- ‘Paradigm Shift in Consulting for the Modern World’.

Event was auspiciously inaugurated with lighting the lamp followed by Director Vandana Sonwaney’s address to the batch. Ms. Sharada Rao shared her experiences with the batch on ‘technology influence in scaling operations’. This was followed by Mr. Abhijit Deshpande’s view on how consultants take decisions in selecting between mass production and mass customization. A session was arranged where the projects undertaken by S2C2 in past year were showcased.

Then, Mr. Ashutosh Topey, was invited on the dais to share his knowledge about ‘Consultant’s mindset: tools, frameworks and impacts’. After that, Mr. Chandrashekhar Chaudhary, spoke on how consulting decisions vary with firms who practice generalist or specialist approach. Considering the recent changes in Indian financial policies, students and speaker came up with a unique sub-theme delivered by Dr. Shrikant Kamat, “Current Trends in Consulting Practice in Respect of Supply Chain Related Taxes“ describing the integration of teams in supply chain and how do they affect decisions in supply chain.

Apart from the topics mentioned above, all speakers played an important role of mentoring students on their career choices and the way consulting can change aspirant’s life by sharing their real time experiences. Event was concluded with a thank you note and national anthem. SIOM students reported being enlightened and informed after the session.

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