“The games we play are the lessons we learn.” At SIOM, we believe the same. Because the practical lessons we acquire from the experiences are the teachings that get instilled in us forever. The batch of 2018-20 went through OBL (Out bound Learning) on June 20th, 2018 that SIOM makes its students’ experience every year. Students got a chance to find an escape from the hectic schedule and be a part of this unique extravaganza.The enthusiasm was prevalent as there was no sign of indolence on anyone’s face even at 6’o clock of the morning. The students gathered and then were taken to a beautiful hill station Amboli in south Maharashtra. The weather was icing on the cake. The cool breeze pacified the excited souls.The whole batch was divided into 04 colors – Green team– signifying the vigor, Blue team – deep like an ocean, Red team- full of passion and Yellow team- the joy & happiness. Though Students were part of different teams but finally learned to equip unified attitude. This helped in building the team spirit. This was followed by series of games and tasks, starting from passing the water, blind jump, human machine etc to adventurous task like obstacle crossing. Each having a unique message, like – trusting your peers, helping your mates etc. As the saying goes “hard times will always reveal true friends.” The day never really ended; the students are still living it in their memories.

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