Mock Investors Summit 8.0

19th February 2022

The annual Mock Investor’s Summit returned with its 8th edition this time with the students of batch 21-23 participating and competing as various countries in various trade blocs to gain the maximum amount of foreign investment. 

A total of 16 teams competed, representing various countries from the EFTA, AFTZ, ANDEAN, GCC and APEC trade blocs. These 16 countries competed for both FDI and FPI from 22 different mock investors. These mock investors were a mix of both SIOM alumni and industry experts who grilled the students on the Strategic Management, Foreign Policy, Human Resource Management, Global Trade Initiatives and many more before they determined how much to invest in each country. Finally it was South Korea who finished 1st with the most amount of Investment, followed by Australia in 2nd and Japan in 3rd

The whole event was organised and coordinated by the senior batch, Batch 20-22 who gave the assignments to the competing teams and followed up and vetted all the information that was submitted by the teams. Some students also mentored the various teams as to how to approach the event in both preparation and on D-Day. Overall, the event was a resounding success with the investors even commenting that it be renamed “Mega Mock Investor’s Summit”.

Caution Notice