OBL 2016


"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"

It had been almost 2 weeks since the batch of 2016-2018 entered the hallowed SIOM grounds, with hopes and anticipation. With lectures and committee registrations going on in full swing, a respite was well needed and that came in the form of Out Bound Learning or what is called OBL.

The OBL, scheduled on the 17th of June, created a huge curiosity and excitement among the entire batch. On that day, the entire batch assembled at the said time and the air was buzzing with excitement. From there, they were guided to a spot around an hour away from college where the entire fun unravelled. The entire batch was divided into 4 teams: red, yellow, blue and grey. This helped in fostering and building team spirit. It also created a sense of competitiveness.

Each team was given a number of tasks that ranged from simple ones like team football to complex ones like obstacle course, however, through all this, what shone as a bright beacon was how the team co-ordinated and supported each other throughout. It was meant to be an ice breaker and it truly was one. As a famous saying goes ‘You know your true friends only during times of difficulty’. To see yourself being supported and encouraged by your team, who you don’t even know well, creates a bond that lasts through lifetime.

With dirty t-shirts and happy smiles, it was an experience worth remembering

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