International Yoga Day 2016: Celebration at Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management


“Yoga is not about what one will get, it is about what one can give up”-rightly said by Mr. Narendra Modi, the hon'ble prime minister of India, on the occasion of international yoga day on 21st June 2016. Yoga purifies the body and soul. Not only it drives the illness out of the body, but also brings mental peace and positive energy.

As the world celebrated second international yoga day with a positive and enthusiastic spirit, it was also observed with equal vigour in Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management. The theme for yoga day celebration inside SIOM was “Desk Yoga”, which talked about, how yoga can be easily and comfortably inducted into the busy and hectic lives of MBA students.

The event started at 10:15 am with a formal address by Director Dr. Vandana Sonwaney to the students about yoga. She not only talked about the benefits of yoga but also portrayed her own example, by saying how yoga contributed in improving her as a person. She focused on the scientific aspects of yoga and advised students to make it a must in their lives. The chief guest Mr. R.K. Jain briefed students about significance of yoga in human life and pictured it as a very simple to perform activity for staying fit. He demonstrated various yoga asana to students and students followed them with a deep keenness and synergy.

The event ended by 11.30 am, with a promise to make yoga, a part of everyone’s life and to use its magical outcomes for self-discovery and self-improvement.

Written by
Amrit Jena
MBA 15-17

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