SIOM team Visits Harvard !


Project Shuddhi, one of the most ambitious project that SIOM undertook under the guidance of Dr. Vandana Sonwaney and sincere efforts by Dr. Aditi Mishal who conceptualized and executed it was highly applauded during the Kumbh Mela 2015. The project was based on a Collaborative Social model in which Educational Institute, Corporate and Government enterprise came together to contribute back to Society, meaningfully making a difference. The project motivated the team further to convert the project and ideas out of it into research papers. The team from SIOM, Dr. Vandana Sonwaney and Dr. Aditi Mishal wove paper themes around their experience with Project Shuddhi. The team submitted two Research papers online and shortly received the awaited acceptance letters from the organizing committee of a very relevant conference.

The conference was organized with an aim to bring on one platform Impactful Research for better lives on the theme “Change the World” organized at J. Martin Centre, Harvard Medical, Harvard University, Boston, MA, USA from 20th to 22nd March 2016. The uniqueness of the conference could be seen with highly inter-disciplinary approach and representations from over 30 Countries. The inaugural started with a welcome address by Mr. Thomas Lechner, Director, 21st CAF briefing everyone about the mission and purposes for the conference been organized in a row fourth year.

The title of the SIOM papers were, “Participatory Action Research: Transformative, Comprehensive, Low Cost, Green Sanitation Solutions – India” and “Service Learning in B Schools: Socially Responsible Leadership and Collaborative Community Development” by Dr. Aditi Mishal and Dr. Vanadana Sonwaney. Dr. Aditi Mishal, Chaired the Session 1 in Rotunda A which had energetic, attentive audience with four captive and scholarly presentations. Dr. Vandana Sonwaney gracefully chaired the Session 1in Rotunda B on 22nd March, 2016 from 11.0 to 12.40, with diverse but great presentations from Philippines, UAE and India.

The team also had strategic meetings at MIT, Media Lab and at Harvard’s South Asia Institute. The team is grateful to the Top Management at SIU who showed their confidence and encouraged the team to participate in this Conference.

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