Drishti 2k22

Academic Year 2021 – 2022

Drishti, the annual flagship Competition and Cultural event of Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, is a 2-day B-School festival that welcomes the best talent from all over India to the historical city Nashik, the Wine capital of India. Stepping into the 17th glorious year, the theme for Drishti 2K22 was Carnival "Saturnalia – The Reveler’s Nirvana”. Drishti 2K22 surpassed all preceding incarnations in scope and capability for exceeding expectations. Saturnalia is an ancient Roman pagan festival honouring the agricultural god Saturn, held on 17th December of the Julian Calendar; it coincides with our 2-day B-School festival that welcomed the best talent from all over India to the city of Misal Pav, Nashik. Through this festival, we tried to honour Supply Chain and Operations, which we acquired knowledge the hard way during the Black Swan, Covid.

Link : http://www.drishti.siom.in/

Caution Notice