Adyant 2021

30th April 2021

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” - Dr. Seuss SIOM bids farewell to its one of the toughest batches as the curriculum comes to a halt in its natural course of time. The journey that they all had in the past two years made all of them resilient, taught them how to stick together and be there for each other.

The highly emotional and much cherished "Last Lecture" for batch 19-21 was given by Mr. Robin Banerjee, Managing Director, Caprihans India Ltd., and it turned out to be a very inspiring lecture educating students on how to go about their corporate lives. He spoke at length about the importance of carrying a positive attitude more than anything in life by drawing parallels between a successful person, and a lion with an example of how the attitude of the lion alone has made it the king of the jungle. He emphasized and engrained in us the must-have hard and soft skills to succeed through the use of the acronyms FOURTH and CLEAR. The last lecture was indeed a much-needed and befitting lecture to the outgoing batch of 19-21 to mark the end of their academic journey with SIOM.

The semester toppers for the semesters I, II and III were announced and felicitated at the event. The much anticipated and coveted award of the academic year was also announced and awarded during the Last Lecture event for the outgoing batch of 19-21. The prestigious award dedicated to recognizing the student who had shown their outstanding efforts, dedication, and accomplishments throughout the two years of their MBA journey at SIOM, was bagged by Mr. Jude Jegan. Mr. Jegan had exhibited exceptional initiative, commitment as well as scholastic accomplishments so consistently that he had always been looked upon as a role model by his fellow batch mates and juniors.

This was followed by a plethora of cultural activities performed by students of both 2019-2021 and 2020-2022 batches with utmost cheerfulness making it a very memorable send-off for the outgoing batch who would be embarking on their respective journies in the professional world.

Caution Notice