Academic Programme

Academic Programme

The SIOM Operations Management specialization empowers each engineer with sharp engineering and scientific capabilities along with smart business management disciplines. The students are dressed to tackle planning, development, and implementation tribulations that their organization might confront. The curriculum deals with topics such as supply chain management, project management, technology management, modeling dynamic systems, and quality management.

Unique Program Features

  • Highly advanced state-of-the-art courses
  • A balanced understanding of technical-analytical, organizational-behavioral aspects of the market
  • Flexible program with inter-disciplinary delivery of tracks (e.g. supply chain mgmt) s
  • Live industry exposure
  • An over-all professional development through student club activities (e.g. APICS)
  • Non-academic activities like Art of Living, Vipassana, OBLs and soft skill development

The MBA students at the end of the program bring on board

  • The ability to lead and manage business processes & utilize the power of technology for all business applications
  • A comprehensive knowledge of Basic, user level and consulting level competency in ERP (SAP R/3 & SCM)
  • Interpersonal skills that enhances the ability to work as part of a team, strong analysis and applied learning skills
  • The ability to adapt to rapid change and the ambiguity that is created by change
  • Developing planning, organizing and time management skills

In addition the SIOM postgraduates will

  • Be sensitive to the of shifts in economic, technological and management trends
  • Develop a matured vision to foresee the range of possibilities and a highly evolved imagination to create solutions
  • Strike and confront newer challenges and be alert to adjustments required in new directions
  • Develop a flexible approach towards making adjustments and being steadfast in the face of misunderstandings and mistakes
  • Remain committed to the ambition that they have set out to achieve

Learning @ Siom


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