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Although many of us have been in business for quite some time, we mostly remain in our narrow silos of managing operations and sometimes have a skewed vision of business and the world around us. The course in SIOM not only offers excellent learning opportunity in all aspects of business but at the same time we get exposed to various new practices that are being innovated or adapted in the industry. Right from supply chain management to world class manufacturing and be it in financial background, HR or Marketing of an organization, we as an operation manager have a role to play.
We also get the opportunity of learning from our peers from different industries and having varied backgrounds. The faculty from the institute have enriched our journey of learning by virtue of their experience and excellence.
As a management student I realized during the placement activities in our college that, academic knowledge alone wouldnt help you in cracking an interview. Your communication skills, analytical skills, soft skills etc. play an equally important role. The rigorous aptitude and training activities in our college and special placement training helped me in meeting my goals. I have enjoyed my stay in SIOM, which I would like to wrap as a perfect blend of studies, sports, cultural and social activities.
Priyanka Saha – MBA (2014-2016)
B.F.Tech., Apparel Production
Work Exp: 22 months
Dhananjai Apparels Pvt. Ltd.

Even after an enriching work experience of around 3.5 years in JSW Steel Ltd., I had a yearning for higher studies. I wanted to delve deeper into Operations which was my area of interest. Joining SIOM was like a cherry on the cake. SIOM is a perfect blend of rich academics, sports and various cultural as well social activities .The strong connect between the faculty and students makes SIOM a close knit family, a home away from home literally.

In a nutshell, my life at SIOM has been an exhilarating experience. Each moment has been truly enlightening in terms of the education imparted and fun-filled in terms of the kinship I have developed over here.

Kirtika Mukhopadhyay – MBA (2014-2016)
B.Tech., Chemical
Work Exp: 43 months

One of my goals in attending a business school was to have a chance to learn about and simultaneously become more involved in business development. With the impeccable industry curriculum, classmates from different backgrounds, highly capable faculty members with interesting insights into current best industry practices, life at SIOM gives you an outstanding experience. The intensity of the program prepares you for high pressure situations, coupled with a prefect class-tutor environment and a highly focused individual personal development. A team based approach in whatever work you do, SIOM MBA is truly a stimulating experience and definitely a worthwhile investment in terms of both personal and professional development.

Narasimhan Muralidhar – MBA (2014-2016)
B.Tech., Industrial Biotechnology
Work Exp: 22 months

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”.
Well, this is the principle I’ve been fed on since childhood. SIOM has been very beneficial to me in terms of pursuing my dreams as it is the best in Operations among others b-schools in the country. This is undoubtedly the best place to boost one’s career as its curriculum is purely industry oriented, well organized and structured with tools, certifications, 6 sigma projects, guest lectures and not to forget to mention the thought leading faculty, the interactions with industry people, the learning of various skills, ethics and abilities.
Life in SIOM in itself is very challenging, with continuous evaluation of assignments, case studies, presentations, technical and cultural events. Managing all the said, along with enjoying time with friends is a daily affair for a student.
By the end of graduation, SIOM will equip me with various business tools, techniques and confidence to accelerate my career. Every day is a new learning experience for me and I’m grateful to SIOM for continuously pushing me towards my aspirations and goals.
Akanksha Kumar – MBA (2014-2016)
B.Tech., Electrical
Work Exp: 23 months
Tata Steel

At SIOM we have the best academic syllabus in Operations & Manufacturing, outstanding faculty, and we are able to gain competency in Six Sigma, SAP, CPIM certifications by APICS and many other areas. SIOM has a perfect blend of engineers from different sectors that create an inspirational environment, that will nurture your abilities and qualities.

Each student imbibes the spirit of achieving excellence and ignites in themselves leadership abilities. When I look back towards the decision of joining SIOM after leaving my job, I realize it was the best decision I ever made. I am excited about the future now, and I have SIOM to thank.
Prashant Vhatkar – MBA (2014-2016)
B.Tech., Mechanical
Work Exp: 24 months
Kirloskar Brothers Ltd., Sunrise Industries

Being an unique institute in Operations management, SIOM has always proven itself to be a stepping stone for success. The highly experienced faculty has given me the best possible insights about the industry. Guest lectures by leaders from top companies across all the sectors has brought alive my thirst for knowledge. Experience of learning alongside highly capable and intelligent batch-mates has brought out the best in me. The perfectly planned syllabus coupled with industrys best practices and six sigma projects sets a benchmark in terms of education. Joining SIOM has really added value to my career, and I’m looking forward to getting the best out of my two years here.
Bibhu Das – MBA (2014-2016)
B.Tech., Information Technology
Work Exp: 26 months
Infosys Ltd.

While working with one of the manufacturing giants of the country, I realized the importance of Operations Management in Business Excellence. SIOM being a niche institute for Operations Management is surely among the Prime targets for aspiring students of Operations Management. Industry-oriented curriculum and best in class pedagogy makes SIOM a home for the nations most capable Operations Managers. High degree of Interaction between faculty, students and Visiting Corporate along with student driven extra-curricular activities makes life at SIOM very vibrant. Group assignments and presentations, focused on current business and economic scenarios are part of every SIOMite’s life, which prepare them for the real-world Business Environment. I firmly believe SIOM is the institute which gives birth to Best in class Techno-Commercial Operations Managers, which is definitely the need of hour.
Priyank Patil – MBA (2014-2016)
B.E., Mechanical
Work Exp: 34 months
L&T Ltd.


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