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As it is rightly said, “Nothing beats the best” . With the best industry curriculum, best faculty and student fraternity, SIOM is an ideal platform to establish the best in Operations in the country. It provides a holistic environment to unlearn, learn and re-learn the various intricacies of the business environment. It aims to foster the right set of practical and analytical skills, backed with broad based knowledge to bring out the real leader in you. Every day in SIOM is an experience in itself, which makes one feel proud to be a part of this fruitful journey!
Priya Singh – MBA (2012-2014)
B.E. (Electrical and Electronics)
Work Exp: 28 months

A proactive and formally planned programme for developing attitudes, rational thinking and analytical skills has been firmly institutionalized in  SIOM through a variety of pedagogical innovations. With a perfect blend of work-ex and fresher, this institution represents the amalgamation of a thought process, an attitude, and a belief manifested in a distinct way of life. The Sanctity of the institution represents a perfect place of marriage where Operations meets Excellence. Amidst all the fun and events at SIOM, the end of the previous day and beginning of the next day are so blurred that it is just a multitude of colours each one different from the rest.
Smit Shah – MBA (2012-2014)
B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering
Work Exp: 34 months
Larsen and Toubro Ltd

At SIOM every day is a new opportunity to learn the different intricacies of a business. Having experienced people from diversified sector has made my learning more exciting and delightful in class room. An award winning Industry acclaimed course structure, Green belt certification, APICS Certification, SAP training, Experience of working on live Six Sigma projects are some of the USP’s of SIOM which provides opportunities to its future techno managers to compete with Global & Dynamic world. The institute imparts management education with the right mix of ethics & value. After having 36 months of Work-ex in FMCG sector it was an enriching & fruitful experience to be the part of SIOM.
Ashish Kumar Nigam – MBA (2012-2014)
B.Tech, Electronics & Communication
Work Exp: 36 months
ITC Limited

Even after spending 3 years with one of the best companies my craving for learning was unsatiated. I anticipated SIOM as a good opportunity but after joining SIOM I realized it is the best option one can get. Not just the best pedagogy and curriculum but also the perfect blend of freshers and work ex. makes the experience more enriching. Not just professional learning but comprehensive development is imbibed in the culture of SIOM.
Abhishek Singh – MBA (2013-2015)
B.Tech- Mechanical
Work Exp: Work Ex: 38 months
Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

Life @ SIOM is a perfect blend of studies, sports, cultural and social activities.  It has given me an opportunity to unleash my full potential and to materialize my career goals. Days and experience here are memorable for life.
High degree of interaction among the faculty, students and corporate visitors is a way of life. Life here is competitive, co-operative, friendly, helpful, impressive and stimulating.
One of greatest advantages that I feel about this institution is the small batch size wherein everybody knows everybody, and there is this sense of camaraderie and belongingness. Wonderful initial period of induction and socialization that we all go through, working together in teams with crisp deadlines and deliverables help us understand and appreciate each other better.
Nimish Gupta – MBA (2013-2015)
B.E. Mechanical
Work Exp: Work Exp: 41 months
Infosys Ltd.

Challenging, fun-filled and dynamic are the words that come to my mind when I think about my experience at SIOM. The assignments, industry sneak peak in form of industrial visits and guest lectures give us an insider view of the industry. The student activities on campus make 24hrs in a day insufficient. Also the group assignments have honed the team player as well the manager in me. New things that I keep learning everyday have taken me a step closer to my goal.
G. Sandhya – MBA (2013-2015)
B.E Electronics & telecommunication
Work Exp: 43 months
Infosys Ltd

I always feel great from the kind of energy that prevails in campus. Life at SIOM is full of enthusiasm. The wide range of activities ranging from interest groups to online quiz events, provide everyone with ample opportunities to go beyond just academics. Students from diverse industries, cultures and lingoes give SIOM a complete blend. Discuss about the case study over a quick game of TT or deliberate the latest Indian economic conditions while going for those amazing trekking trips around Nasik city, make life here such a splendid experience.
Saurabh Karmarkar – MBA (2013-2015)
B.E Metallurgy and Material Science
Work Exp: 42 months
Essar Group

“Dont quit, Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion” This is a famous quote by Muhammad Ali and this is exactly what SIOM is all about. With the best in class curriculum and industry exposure, SIOM not only equips the students with the latest techniques in operations management but also changes the student’s attitude. All committees in SIOM are student driven, which give students a sense of belonging. Every day at SIOM is filled with surprises, working under strict and short deadlines becomes a daily affair for a SIOMite. At SIOM one just has to enjoy the journey, inculcate the attitude and at the end he/she will be proud to be a SIOMite.
Sourabh Joshi - MBA (2013-2015)
B.E. Mechanical
Work Exp: 42 months
NTPC BHEL Power Projects Private Limited – 34 months ; Ashok Leyland – 8 months

 "At SIOM curriculum is designed in such a way that it provides right mix of ethics, value,& knowledge .Industry acclaimed course structure of Operations Management with mix of extra and co-curricular activities provides you a complete learning. Green Belt Certification, CPIM certification, SAP hands on, experience of working on live six sigma projects, etc. You name it and you have it under your belt.

Coming from business family and having experience in both Manufacturing and IT industry, I could infer how important role Operations play in such diversified areas. Mastering operations challenges early in your career,  is the purest kind of general management you could ask for.

Interacting with your peers who are from various engineering backgrounds and having work experience in various sectors helps you to gain knowledge about various cultures and industries across the country. Learning becomes easy when there are all engineers around which develop an easy grasping of concepts.
Joining SIOM has really added value to my career, and I’m looking forward to get the best from here.”

Vikash Gupta - (MBA 2012-2014)
B.Tech, Computer Science && Engineering
Work Exp: 36 months
Tata Consultancy Services, 30 months; Wide Angle Packaging Systems Pvt Ltd, 6 months


    • Business School with Best Academic Input (Syllabus) in Operations & Manufacturing
    • Symbiosis Institute of Operations management ( SIOM ) Nashik Bags 3 – Asia's Best Emerging B School Awards
    • Adyaant - 2014
    • Research Colloquium 3.0
    • Mobile Biodigester toilets for Human bio-waste management during Kumbhmela


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