Consultancy Projects

Consultancy Projects undertaken
S.No Year Organization Project Name
1 2015 Hindustan Coca Cola SLE improvement of Returnable Glass Bottle line
2 2015 Tangent Concept Launch of Caravan Tourism in Maharashtra
3 2015 Throughput Management System Management Systems implementation opportunity in the Indian Real Estate
4 2014 Faberinifine Market Research for Business Opportunities in Middle East and emerging African market. (2014)
5 2013 Bhatia Glass Tuff Pvt. Ltd. (2013) Create New offers and related documents for a market segment
6 2013 ONGC Petro Additions (2013) Preparation of Purchase and Supply manual and Procurement manual
7 2013 Faberinifine Current and Future scenario of Plastic Industry in India (2013)
8 2013   Operational Excellence and its application in Construction Industry (2013)
9 2013   Current and Future scenario of Sugar Industry in India (2013)


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