Before it becomes a butterfly, a caterpillar goes through a growth stage which is called "Chrysalis." On the surface it may not look like much is happening, but the delicate chrysalis process changes the fuzzy caterpillar into an awesome butterfly with wings of intricate designs and intense colors. The metamorphosis adds not only colour to the wings but it cultivates the deep urge somewhere within to grow, to transform and to develop into uniqueness.

We at the Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management have the same urge to transform ourselves into uniqueness. This is only possible when there is a generation and exchange of meaningful thoughts and ideas. This paves the way for genesis and sustainance of excellence.

Chrysalis "The official news line of SIOM" is the brainchild of its pioneer batch. Its purpose is to serve as a platform for interaction between the students and the industry and eventually facilitate this transformation process.


The newsletter serves a plethora of views encompassing various aspects like:

CEO talk - An excerpt from the interview with the CEO of the month .The purpose of the rendezvous is to have a critical analysis of current business issues. The discussion aims at broadening the horizons of the would be managers like us about the vast corporate world.

Eminent Personality - A column which will talk about the eminent personalities visiting the college.

Educator's edge - This column will very proudly display a variety of articles from our educators.(our beloved teachers)

Nirvana - As the theme of the magazine is to facilitate meaningful exchange of ideas, the spiritual aspect of human life can't be kept at bay. This column aims at providing a space, which compels thinking. The column will touch vivid aspects of spirituality which will try to pave the way of all readers toward spirituality.

Quills - A book review column on the latest book released and other contemporary literary endeavors.

Industry Interactions - This column will inform the reader about the present and future events at SIOM.

Tech It Easy - The latest innovations and frontier technologies being used in industry are given a lookup.

And a lot more..

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Student's Speak

    Name:Priyanka Saha – MBA (2014-2016) Work Exp : 22 months Company : Dhananjai Apparels Pvt. Ltd. Stream : B.F.Tech., Apparel Production More....

    Name:Kirtika Mukhopadhyay – MBA (2014-2016) Work Exp : 43 months Company : JSW Stream : B.Tech., Chemical More....

    Name:Narasimhan Muralidhar – MBA (2014-2016) Work Exp : 22 months Company : TCS Stream : B.Tech., Industrial Biotechnology More....

    Name:Akanksha Kumar – MBA (2014-2016) Work Exp : 23 months Company : Tata Steel Stream : B.Tech., Electrical More....

    Name:Prashant Vhatkar – MBA (2014-2016) Work Exp : 24 months Company : Kirloskar Brothers Ltd., Sunrise Industries Stream : B.Tech., Mechanical More....

    Name:Bibhu Das – MBA (2014-2016) Work Exp : 26 months Company : Infosys Ltd. Stream : B.Tech., Information Technology More....

    Name:Priyank Patil – MBA (2014-2016) Work Exp : 34 months Company : L&T Ltd. Stream : B.E., Mechanical More....