Bleeding for Humanity (Blood Donation Camp at SIOM, Nashik)


Come 31st July, and all of the Symbiosis fraternity grabs the opportunity to be a bigger part of the one thing that nature has truly endowed with oneness across all barriers of  gender, race, culture, creed, religion, ideology  and what not ! The Symbiosis family most appropriately reaffirms its motto of endeavor towards “The World as One Family” on the very day its founder & patriarch, Dr. S.B. Majumdar saw the light of day. It is only apt, therefore, that Dr. Majumdar’s birthday be observed and zestfully celebrated as Blood Donation Day, justifying his vision of universal brotherhood to achieve ultimate peace and prosperity across all boundaries.

With the enthusiasm of taking this benevolent spirit to a higher level, 31st July 2012, was already marked as one of the red letter days on the calendar at Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management. This was clearly visible in every ounce of blood (read energy) being poured in by SIOMites. The event was organized by SIOM in conjunction with Nand Kishore Education Society’s ARPAN BLOOD BANK at the Yoga Hall of SIOM Nashik which was spotlessly cleaned and maintained throughout the day. The smooth functioning of the process was ensured by the ever effervescent Spandan Team and the build up to “D Day” was achieved by the Cultural Committee’s extensive publicity on all available spaces and platforms in the institute with posters and graffiti. The camp itself was preceded by a “Red Day” being observed throughout SIOM as a gesture of solidarity with the spirit of humanity by wearing the colour of its very lifeline, RED. Hence, “Bleeding for Humanity” was evident in the turning up of volunteers in large numbers. In all, there were 67 volunteers who donated their blood, though a lot many were dejected for not being able to meet the medical standards necessary for donating blood. Nonetheless, the spirits were high as 15 enthusiasts participated in making posters for the event with slogans like “Tied for life” and “Drops for society”; some depicting the merits of blood donation and some of the rest trying to dispel the myths and apprehensions related to blood donation. In acknowledgement of their efforts, prizes were awarded for apt slogans, messages, creativity and artistry - the first prize being bagged by Mr. Abhishek Datta (MBA 2011-13) for his “Drops for Society”, and the second and third prizes being won by Mr. Chetan Vartak and Ms. Megha Sarvagi (MBA 2012-14) respectively. The winners were felicitated with trophies by Arpan Blood Bank and gift vouchers of Big Bazaar by Microsom, a company based in Nashik. The day left all SIOMites with a feeling of having experienced the benevolent side of humanity. 

Written by: Ali Maruf Hassan, MBA(2012-14)
Peer Reviewed by: Sougat Chakravartty, MBA(2011-13)
Reviewed & Submitted on: August 01, 2012

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