Small yet concerted steps towards a big change


Spandan, the Social Service Wing of Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management (SIOM) has been relentlessly working on different social projects benefitting the society. At SIOM, every month, a day is dedicated to social projects. On this day all students and staff take it as a mission to induce the change in the destination assigned to them. This month, on 17th of November 2017, focus was given to Health Education and Menstrual Hygiene, in particular.

Two years back, Project Asmi was initiated with the motive of educating tribal girls and helping them resolve their sanitation issues during their menstrual cycles. Sanitary napkins were distributed for free to girls of five Dang Seva Mandal schools after they were provided modules on education on menstrual hygiene. Project Asmi aims at reducing taboos associated with menstrual hygiene and attempts at reducing the drop-out rate of girls in the schools. This March, the project won the Sandvik India Diversity Award 2017 for its contribution towards health education for girls in the ashram schools in the Nashik region. Sandvik Asia Private Ltd. is currently tying up with SIOM to scale up the activities under the project. The recent visit on the 17th Nov 2017 saw an extension of the existing efforts to include 3 NMC Schools and five more schools along with BOSCH India Foundation. During the visit, doctors gauged the existing knowledge and perception of the tribal girls and tried to fill the gap by educating them on menstrual hygiene as well as other areas of health.

Under the able guidance of the Director Dr. Vandana Sonwaney, social projects were carried out at twenty-one schools by students from SIOM. The ten schools under NGO Dang Seva Mandal and Bosch India Foundation along with eleven NMC schools were visited by ten doctors provided by Symbiosis Centre for Health Care (SCHC), accompanied by a group of four to five students. Doctors visiting these schools included Dr. Suvarna Vaje, Dr. Manjush Vyavhare, Dr. Sangita Patil, Dr. Minaxi Patil, Dr. Runita Targe, Dr. Smita Wani, Dr. Gayatri Pitrubhakta, Dr. Kalyani Bunage, and Dr. Sanjyoti Sukatme were coordinated by Dr. Girish Bajaj and Dr. Anjali Wagh. Topics covered by the doctors during the visit included – Creating awareness on good and safe sanitation practices and menstrual hygiene, Good touch and bad touch, Golden rules for dental health and general hygiene.

Sessions were conducted on personality development; career planning; basic concepts of mathematics, science, and English. Experiments and real-life examples along with videos, quizzes, posters, and other audio-visual aids were used for enhancing the learning of the students. The students also initiated a minor tree plantation drive at Rajewadi village.

School Details


Names of Doctors

Ashram School, Abhona

Awareness on good sanitation practice, Good touch bad touch, Golden rules for great health, Dental Health

Dr. Sheetal Kumbhare

Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Oture

Dr. Smita Wani

Girijadevi Prathamik and Madhyamik Ashram School Shinde Digar

Dr. Manjush Vyavhare

Janata Vidyalaya, Peth

Dr. Runita Targe

Govt. Ashramschool Bhilmal,Gram Panchayat -Pahine, Tal -Trimbakeshwar

Dr. Gayatri Pitrubhakta

Private High School, Samundi, Gram Panchayat - Tal – Trimbakeshwar

Dr. Sanjyoti Sukhatme

Govt. Ashramschool, Dahalewadi, Gram Panchayat - tal - Trimbakeshwar.

Dr. Minaxi Patil

Private Highschool, Vavi Harsh, Gram Panchayat Tal- Trimbakeshwar.

Dr. Sangita Patil

Govt. Asramschool (Girls), Devgaon. Gram Panchayat Tal - Trimbakeshwar.

Dr. Kalyani Bunage

NMC school no.105, 11 and 19
(Ganesh Chowk) Nashik and Eklavya School, Peth Road, nashik

Dr. Suvarna Vaje


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