Onam-the harvest festival of Malayalis was celebrated with great pomp and gusto.

All the Malayalis of SIOM came together to make 14th September a day worth remembering. Since many of us were new to the customs, the Malayalis took it upon themselves to make us aware of it and make a mini Kerala in Nashik.

A day prior to the festival, all the creative minds of SIOM came together to help the Malayalis to make the traditional flower rangoli. Also, the traditional sarees and mundus were available for all those who wanted to dress up traditionally. On the day on Onam, everyone was decked up beautifully and were wishing each other, “Onam Ashamsakal” simply meaning, “Happy Onam. We all were treated to the tasty traditional lunch also known as Onam Sadya.

In the evening, a number of events were lined up. We had the lemon and spoon race for faculty as well as students. We also had the tug-of-war wherein only those boys were allowed to participate who had worn the mundus. It was an evening of fun and frolic and an experience worth having for each one of us.

The day ended on a very happy note with each one of us getting to experience something new. It was a feeling of happiness and positivity and we all felt like we had made a small but sweet home away from home.

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