"WON and KRONA" We are happy to have you with us!


The academic session for -17 2016 at SIOM is all set. Amidst the usual excitement of welcoming the new batch, infrastructural changes, curriculum upgrading, session plans and do’s and don’ts for the year, SIOM very proudly also welcomes two special members in the family. Won and Krona! Yes they are two handsome Labradors and are very much the extended family members of SIOM. As part of the great initiative by Symbiosis University; PET therapy is being introduced this year on all Symbiosis Campuses across the Nation. Pet therapy is a guided interaction between a person and a trained animal. Pet therapy builds on the pre-existing human-animal bond. Interacting with a friendly pet can help many physical and mental issues. It can help reduce blood pressure and improve overall cardiovascular health. It can also release endorphins that produce a calming effect. This can help alleviate pain, reduce stress, and improve your overall psychological state. Other benefits of the pet therapy program includes increasing self-esteem ,increasing verbal communication, developing social skills, increasing willingness to join in activities, improving interactions with others, motivating willingness to exercise, thus making a person making you happier, lessening depression, and improving one’s outlook on life.

And you know what, people are smiling more often now; an honest observation!

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